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"A new style of family getaway is taking shape at Casa de Campo"

Due to Covid-19 -- and the subsequent cancellation of traditional summer camp programs for kids -- it began to hear demand from clients for family summer vacation options "in safe settings that would guarantee social distancing, high standards of hygiene and cleaning and lots of activities for kids.

The result was the launch of the Private Luxury Camp Experiences, a customized, curated program of activities that features a private camp counselor for kids and accommodations in a villa or resort with all-inclusive services, including a home office for parents working remotely.

This Luxury Camp program covers all meals (not alcohol) delivered by room service, customized activities tailored to appropriate age groups and the services of a counselor dedicated to the kids.

"The program runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, and the kids are kept busy. We can add evening activities if parents want a night out," she said. The services of a private chef can be arranged, as well.

Naturally, the program depends on the destinations reopening to travelers. Airports in the Dominican Republic are expected to reopen on July 1, according to the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation.
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