Introducing Spoiled Agent VIP

VERY IMPORTANT You must already be registered with the regular Spoiled Agent site to become a VIP Spoiled Agent.
If you are not registered as a Spoiled Agent click here and fill out the registration form.

Existing Spoiled Agents! Please make sure you enter the same email address as your username or the system will not allow you access.

Have questions or doubts? click here to watch a recorded Webinar "Take an in depth tour of the VIP site"

If you are having issues or not sure which email you are registered with please email your First and Last name and we will get you all sorted out.

Let's be clear, will stay exactly the same, giving you access to over 30 Travel Partner Incentives, Agent Rates and Webinars as we have from day one for FREE.

We want to continue to grow and add more Supplier Incentives and Agent Rates, but due to popular demand we have run out of space available on our site, so we have had to create new space...hence Spoiled Agent VIP!

Therefore, to access more Agent targeted offers, we are inviting all Travel Partners worldwide to load their content to Spoiled Agent VIP for FREE. For Agents we will be charging an annual membership fee of $19.99 per year! By charging this nominal membership fee, it allows us to continue to add more Agent Rates and Incentives and have the funds to continue to operate the site.

The $19.99 yearly membership is an introductory offer and the price will go up as we add more Travel Partner offers.

Currently we have over 900+ additional offers on the VIP site live on top of the already featured 30 Suppliers. Please keep in mind this is a brand new concept and we working hard to get the word out to the suppliers to get them to add their Agent Incentives & Agent Rates. Our goal is to have thousands of Supplier offers on the site, but again it will take some time.