Let's Play
The Temptation experience offers one-of-a-kind “Playgrounds for Grown-Ups”, both on land and at sea. Temptation Cancun Resort with its spectacular, Bash Tower catering to adults 21+, offering a vibrant, energy-infused environment for the chic, confident and free-spirited traveler. A hip vibe is our hallmark, an enticing atmosphere that is invigorating, and not to mention an insanely sexy amount of fun!
Temptation Resort Cancun Agents Rewards Program

Sign up to & then start earning money for every room night you book!
What can I earn?
Earn up to $14 per room per night - The more nights you book & the higher the room category, the more you earn! You will accrue points on the system & points are exchanged for $'s.
Terms & Conditions
  • Minimum stay of 4 Nights 
  • New bookings made from  December 2018 only